The Oyster House Siege

Jay Rayner

RRP: £7.99

13 September 2007

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843545668

‘If you thought my kitchen was intimidating wait until you get a load of this one… A heart-stopping thriller.’ Gordon Ramsay

The Oyster House Siege is a most entertaining read. I hope there will be a sequel.’ Peter Guttridge, Observer

It’s General Election night, 1983. The great and the good have gathered in the Jermyn Street Oyster House restaurant in central London to celebrate a Tory victory. But when two masked gunmen burst through the door and take a group of diners hostage, none of them has any idea just how hellish their night has just become.As the hours tick by, the terrified hostages grow increasingly aware that they are surrounded by glinting blades and trapped with a psychopath who can’t wait to start using them. They may not be able to stand the heat, but there’s little chance they’ll ever get out of the kitchen…