The Lies of the Land

Adam Macqueen

RRP: £14.99

7 September 2017

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786492494

RRP: £9.99

7 September 2017

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786492500

Trust in our politicians is at an all-time low. We’re in a “post-truth” era, where feelings trump facts, and where brazen rhetoric beats honesty. But do politicians lie more than they used to? And do we even want them to tell the truth?

In a history full of wit and political acumen, Private Eye journalist Adam Macqueen dissects the gripping stories of the biggest political lies of the last half century, from the Profumo affair to Blair’s WMDs to Boris Johnson’s £350 million for the NHS. Covering lesser known whoppers, infamous lies from foreign shores (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”), and some of the resolute untruths from Donald Trump’s explosive presidential campaign, this is the quintessential guide to dishonesty from our leaders – and the often pernicious relationship between parliament and the media.

But this book is also so much more. It explains how in the space of a lifetime we have gone from the implicit assumption that our rulers have our best interests at heart, to assuming the worst even when – in the majority of cases – politicians are actually doing their best.


FunPatrick Kidd

Sure to find an eager audience... Like a sort of giant supermarket sweep through the dodgier aisles of Westminster, in which the author dashes round collecting up all the best
reasons never to trust the establishment again, it's lively entertainment


The perfect bedside book

Fun [and] digestible... There is something staggering about the sheer weight of untruthfulness that oozes from the pages.

Irresistibly enjoyable... Funny, colourful and always insightfulDominic Sandbrook
historian, columnist and television presenter

An excellent guide through the thickets of political mendacity. Brilliantly-researched, intelligent, and lucid, this book is essential readingMatthew D’Ancona
author of Post Truth and Guardian columnist

Forensic and hilarious... Macqueen tells the highly entertaining tale of how lying comes so easily to those who should be the most accountable
Miles Jupp – presenter, BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz

The best book about political dishonesty that I've ever read or my name isn't Neil Hamilton!
Lloyd Langford – comedian

Hilarious and troubling
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