The Jesus Man

Christos Tsiolkas

RRP: £8.99

3 November 2016

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782397250

RRP: £6.99

3 November 2016

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782397267

The Jesus Man tells the story of one family, trapped between conflicting identities – while the parents were born Greek and Italian, the three sons, Dom, Tommy and Louie, have grown up as Australians. Haunted by their history and increasing inability to relate to each other, Tommy inexorably descends into a cycle of violence, pornography and madness.

When he commits a terrible crime, his family must try to come to terms with the terrifying stranger he had become, and the hell that living had been for him. With page-turning, thrilling urgency, Tsiolkas’ uncompromising and darkly humorous examination of the soulless void that life can become, detached from reality by technology, is an extremely powerful and timely novel, reminding us once again of his talent and originality as a writer.


'Tsiolkas writes with compelling clarity about the primal stuff that drives us all: the love and hate and fear of failure... A brilliant, beautiful book. If it doesn't make you cry, you can't be fully alive.' - Sunday Times;
'I finished Barracuda on a high: moved, elated, immersed... This is the work of a superb writer who has completely mastered his craft but lost nothing of his fiery spirit in so doing. It is a big achievement.' - Guardian;
'Terrific' - The Times

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The greatest strength of this novel is its harrowing exploration of human weakness.