The Heart Principle

Helen Hoang

RRP: £8.99

19 August 2021

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781838950804

RRP: £3.99

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781838950811

From the author of The Kiss Quotient, a witty and sizzling novel that shows how wrong you can be about someone … and how right they can be for you.

To most, Quan is a surly, underachieving playboy. Anna dislikes him, or so she tells herself. She will never admit that she harbours a secret crush on Quan, especially because he only has eyes for her charismatic younger sister Camilla.

Now, with her sister’s engagement on the line, Anna must bury her anxieties and overcome her OCD to try and seduce Quan and save her Camilla’s marriage.

But when Quan discovers Anna’s true intentions, he’s forced to confront his own hurtful past and learn to forgive, while Anna must face her greatest challenge: truly opening herself up to love.