The Good Son

Michael Gruber

RRP: £7.99

1 July 2011

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781848875890

RRP: £3.49

1 June 2010

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781848878822

The Agent: In the mountain fastness of the Hindu Kush a deadly game of deception and intrigue is entering its final phase. At its heart, a man known only as the Engineer.

The Analyst: In the subterranean corridors of Washington an ambitious young NSA operative receives an intercept that confirms her agency’s worst fears. But she’s not convinced. She thinks it’s a trap.

The Mother: In a fortified village high above the Swat Valley, a hostage awaits execution. She can’t out-fight her captors, but can she out-think them? Can she get into their heads before she loses hers?

The Son: On the other side of the world, a Special Forces soldier in a clandestine branch of the American military plans a daring rescue operation. But to save his mother he will have to betray his country.

At the intersection of East and West, of faith and fanaticism, of loyalty and betrayal, New York Times bestselling author Michael Gruber has created a provocative, high-calibre thriller where one family’s convoluted past is catching up with the present, where nightmares and dreams can become real, where truth and lies can be one and the same.



Brilliant... a provocative thriller that readers won't soon forget
Publishers Weekly STARRED review

Smart, tense and vastly entertaining
Kirkus Reviews *STARRED REVIEW*

A spy novel for the 21st century... a book to provoke comparisons with John le Carré and Graham Greene