The Devil's Half Mile

Paddy Hirsch

RRP: £8.99

7 March 2019

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786493521

RRP: £14.99

5 July 2018

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786493507

RRP: £4.99

5 July 2018

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786493538

Golden Hill and The Alienist meet Gangs of New York in this sweeping historical crime drama set in 18th century New York.

New York, 1799. Justy Flanagan returns to his native city after five years in Ireland fighting the English. Bloodied and battered, Justy is no stranger to violence. Now he must use all his resources to uncover the truth behind his father’s murder. But while he looks so intently at the past, it is the present that threatens to trip him up.

When the body of a young woman appears in the docklands, brutally murdered, Justy must venture into the dark underbelly of the nascent city, where the labyrinthine streets hold danger at every turn. And, as the conspiracy deepens, it becomes clear that those involved will stop at nothing to keep their secrets…