The Dark Part of Me

Belinda Burns

RRP: £7.99

8 February 2007

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843545019

As the hot Brisbane summer unfurls, Rosie cannot help but lust after her ex-boyfriend, Scott, who has returned after two years abroad. Rosie’s mum says Scott is a man, and deep down all men are rotten. But what does she know? She doesn’t seem to have noticed that her teenage daughter is spiralling out of control.

In some ways, Rosie’s mum is right, Scott’s out to treat her like dirt. But every time Rosie sees him she can’t wait to have sex with him. Rosie’s best friend, Hollie, can’t stand Scott, but then she’s been acting weird since her brother got out of jail. The one person Rosie can rely on is Trish, who always has a joint to share, or a pill to take.Through it all, Rosie tries to stay in control, but the lure of darkness is only just under the surface…


Belinda Burns gives her heroine a searingly raw voice... Hot stuff from a writer who's coolly in control.Boyd Tonkin

Feisty... impressive... a vigorous exploration of social rituals during a hot Brisbane summer.Michael McGirr
Sydney Morning Herald