The Bastille Spy

C. S. Quinn

RRP: £14.99

1 August 2019

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781786498427

From the bestselling e-book sensation of The Thief Taker series comes a thrilling and sumptuous novel set during the early days of the French Revolution.

‘A rip-roaring adventure.’ Tessa Harris

England’s best spy. France’s deadliest prison.

Paris, 1789. Attica Morgan, the daughter of a Lord and a member of high society, is a woman of hidden talents: English spy, secret assassin, fearless fighter. The sole female member of a clandestine network, her new assignment is in Paris, a city where nothing is what it seems…

Because in Paris, revolution in the air. Skirmishes in the city are rife and English visitors are viewed with suspicion. Attica is charged with investigating the murder of a rebel in the morgue of the Bastille, that notorious prison of no return. A murder her backers are convinced is part of a much more treacherous plot.

With France is on the cusp of a bloody revolution, Attica soon realizes her mission is a great deal deadlier than she bargained for. A mythic treasure has vanished, a strange man named Robespierre wants her dead, and on the city streets, all hell is about to break loose…

‘Incredible! It’s the best action adventure novel I’ve ever read… A fantastic achievement that has blown me away with its ingenuity, scope and breathless pace.’ Louise Voss