The Assassins

Gayle Lynds

RRP: £7.99

2 July 2015

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781848876781

RRP: £3.99

2 July 2015

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782394112

Recently retired from US military intelligence, Judd Ryder is walking home one evening when he sees a man wearing his clothes step out of his house. Moments later, the man is killed in a hit-and-run. Was the stranger the intended victim, or was it Judd himself?

Searching the man, Judd finds a phone with only one number dialled – to CIA trainee Eva Blake, Judd’s former girlfriend. What Judd and Eva don’t know is that they’ve unwittingly been trapped in a battle to the death against six professional assassins, and only one will be left standing….


There are few writers who can set the scene like Lynds can. The Assassins has everything a reader could possibly want... This is Lynds hitting on all cylinders with a thought-provoking tale that will surely stand with the year's best thrillers.David Baldacci

Lynds again proves herself a master of the thriller in her latest, The Assassins... a roller-coaster of action and suspense... I defy you to put this book down once you startJames Rollins

This is Cold War thriller writing at its best. Raw, vivid, utterly credible, with palpable tension that never releases its grip.Peter James

Rich settings, beautifully crafted characters, and a compulsively readable storyline, a magnificent novel from a major talent. Outstanding.Douglas Preston

A perfect piece of thrilling entertainment.Steve Berry

A classic last-man-standing story of deceit and betrayal with enough new twists and turns to keep you up way past your bedtimeNelson DeMille

Gayle Lynds has mastered the international action thrillerRobert Crais

A master class in suspense, where plot twists abound and danger is always closer than you thinkLisa Gardner

The Assassins delivers on everything it promises: devious players, shifting alliances, and no one you should trust.Brad Meltzer