Swinesend: Britains Greatest Public School

Dornan Locker

RRP: £8.99

1 April 2007

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843545200

Swinesend, hallowed public school and much loved home over the years to all sorts of boys (including girls) has long gone unnoticed by Britain’s authorities. But thanks to this fully updated guide those not lucky enough to attend this extraordinarily preserved school can now experience life as a Swinsendian for themselves.

Here at Swinesend pupils are still encouraged to keep up customs such as ‘Toasting the Simpletons’ and ‘Steg Burning’. And for those parents who are keen to develop their children’s potential beyond the academic, pupils are encouraged to try activities considered too sophisticated for other schools. Alternative sports like hacking and cage fighting are open to all. The culturally-inclined can sample the delights of the Combined Cadet Force Marching Band (described by judges in one recent co competition as ‘a musical form of shock and awe’).Or for children interested in popular culture there are groups such as ‘Wonder Brass’ (the Sixth Form Girls’ Big Band).

Once introduced to this public school, adults and children alike will appreciate the quality of an education that is quite literally in a league of its own.