A return to Italy

Lucio Galletto

RRP: £8.99

1 December 2012

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781742374888

Every Italian cook has a soffritto – the ‘starter kit’ of olive oil, garlic and herbs from which a great dish is built. Lucio Galletto was in search of the soffritto of his life.

He’d grown up between the tables of a restaurant built by his family on a beach in northwest Italy. He had moved to Australia for love, and launched two successful restaurants.

Now Lucio goes home again to recover what he may have lost in translation – an emotional journey that introduces the fishermen, farmers, cooks, winemakers, shepherds, hunters, waiters and scholars of the region that gave the world pesto, parmesan, prosciutto, ravioli, white truffles and balsamic vinegar.