Sod's Law

Why Life Always Lands Butter Side Down

Sam Leith

RRP: £7.99

1 November 2009

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781848872301

RRP: £1.99

1 November 2010

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781848874398

To every explorer with his map upside down, to every air-traffic controller suddenly receiving Magic FM through his headphones, to every astronomer whose new planet turns out to be a bit of bran-flake on the eyepiece of his telescope, Sod’s Law says: you are not alone.

Sam Leith tells the hilarious – and painful – stories of the unsinkable boat that sunk, the unbeatable horse that lost, and the fireproof theatre that burned to the ground. Sod’s Law demonstrates that the entire universe is actually set up to ensure that your toast always lands butter side down and, what’s more, that it lands precisely where the cat has shed hair all over the carpet.

In this age of doubt, fewer and fewer of us are able to believe that a higher power takes an interest in our fate. This book reassures us that indeed it does – and that that higher power is hell bent on buggering things up. Only by laughing heartlessly at the misfortunes of others can we make ourselves feel better. Sod’s Law enables us to do just that.