Skirt And The Fiddle

Tristan Egolf

RRP: £7.99

8 April 2004

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843542209

RRP: £4.99

18 December 2014

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782395645

A giddying song from the sewers written with jet-propelled energy and ‘a comic intensity reminiscent of Withnail and I’New York Times Book Review

Charlie and Tinsel kill rats for a living. Their ugly job earns them a packet, but they blow it all on liquor. Charlie is a brilliant classical violinist, but he’s decided to kiss the fiddle goodbye after a horrendous gig playing warm-up to the fascist thrash band, Volstagg. Now he’s fetched up in Philth town where he lives in a grimy flophouse with his partner-in-crime, the anarchist Tinsel Greetz.

Then Louise turns up on their doorstep. She’s a beautiful filmmaker who doesn’t seem to mind too much about the smell.Seizing their chance to escape Philth town once and for all, the boys go head to head for the Skirt’s affections and Charlie realizes that it’s high time he dusted down his violin…With Charlie and Tinsel, Skirt and the Fiddle introduces the most outrageously entertaining double-act since Laurel and Hardy.