Seven Kings

Fran Abrams

RRP: £9.99

14 September 2006

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843544456

“Seven Kings” is a vivid insight into the daily life of seven average teenagers over the course of a school year. What does their world look and feel like – and how will they shape our country in the future? How will the ambitious and fiercely intelligent Perin, who refuses to see his wheelchair as a barrier to success, fare as he prepares to meet the harsher world beyond the school gates? Has Anthony, narrowly reprieved from exclusion, changed sufficiently to win a university place? As a secular refugee from Islamic fundamentalism, will Ruhi find her feet in a class in which most pupils are committed Muslims, Christians or Hindus? This searing book goes to the heart of key debates about education, and reaches surprising conclusions – it is a timely antidote to newspaper headlines about recalcitrant teenagers. “Seven Kings” reveals today’s young people, in all their energy and uncertainty.