Quarrel and Quandary

Cynthia Ozick

RRP: £6.99

5 October 2017

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781786491121

In this collection of essays, Cynthia Ozick, everywhere acclaimed as a critic, novelist, and storyteller, examines some of the world’s most illustrious writers and their work, tackles compelling contemporary literary and moral issues, and looks into the wellsprings of her own lifelong engagement with literature.

She writes – quarrelsomely – about Crime and Punishment, about William Styron’s Sophie’s Choice, about the Book of Job. She inquires into the subterranean dispositions and quandaries of Kafka and Henry James. She discusses the difficulties inherent in the translation of great books, whether into film or into another language.



I urge all lovers of American prose to read it... Cynthia Ozick is, for my money, the most accomplished and graceful literary stylist of our time... Her pieces have genuine durability. They are great essays.John Sutherland
The New York Times Book Review

Full of arresting turns of phrase. Even when you disagree with her, she electrifies your mind.
The New York Times

Her best collection to date.
The Boston Globe