Playing To The Gallery

Simon Hoggart

RRP: £7.99

12 September 2002

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781903809662

Simon Hoggart’s fans know him as the wittiest of all the commentators on Parliament, and for thousands of people his daily column in the Guardian is the kick-start they need in the morning.

In this new collection of his finest sketches, you’ll find the high drama, the low farce, the soap opera and the situation comedy which the Mother of Parliaments brings us every day. It’s the column that MPs turn to first, hoping to catch their friends and rivals, terrified of finding themselves. Read about Tony Blair, Iain Duncan Smith, Gordon Brown, Ann Widdecombe, Nicholas Soames and, of course, Michael Fabricant, the Brighton disc jockey who went on to become Britain’s best-loved hair replacement victim.

Playing to the Gallery confirms Simon Hoggart as our most consistently sharp and entertaining political writer.