Numb and Number

How to Avoid Being Mystified by the Mathematics of Modern Life

William Hartston

RRP: £12.99

5 November 2020

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781838950842

RRP: £9.99

5 November 2020

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781838950866

‘A wise, witty and insightful guide to clear thinking amid a deluge of percentages and probabilities.’ Ian Stewart

Like it or not, our lives are dominated by mathematics. Our daily diet of news regales us with statistical forecasts, opinion polls, risk assessments, inflation figures, weather and climate predictions and all sorts of political decisions and advice backed up by supposedly accurate numbers. Most of us do not even pause and question such figures even to ask what they really mean and whether they raise more questions than they answer.

In this simple guide for anyone numbed by numbers, William Hartston reveals with clarity and humour why the figures being flung at us may not tell the whole story. Along the way he explains commonly misused mathematical terms, solves everyday mathematical problems and shows how to steer a safe path through the minefield of mathematics that surrounds us.