Monkey Boy

Francisco Goldman

RRP: £14.99

1 July 2021

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611856484

RRP: £8.99

1 July 2021

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611858860

‘Goldman is a natural storyteller – funny, intimate, sarcastic, all-noticing.’ James Wood, The New Yorker

Francisco Goldberg has been living and working in Mexico City as a journalist for over a decade, but has recently returned to New York City in hopes of ‘going home again.’ It’s been five years since the end of his last relationship and he is falling in love again. Soon he is beckoned back to Boston by the high school girlfriend who was witness to his greatest youthful humiliations, and his mother, Yolanda, around whom his story orbits like a dark star. Backdropping this five-day trip to his childhood home is the spectre of Frank’s recently deceased father, Bert, an immigrant from Ukraine, volcanically tempered, pathologically abusive, yet also at times infuriatingly endearing; as well as the high school bullies who gave him the moniker ‘monkey boy’ and his estranged sister, Lexi.

Told in an open, irresistibly funny and passionate voice, this extraordinary portrait of growing up outside the dominant culture unearths the hidden cruelties in a predominantly white, working-class Boston suburb where Francisco – aka Paco, aka Frankie Gee – came of age. A crowning achievement from one of the most important American voices of the last 40 years.