Jacqueline Yallop

RRP: £8.99

5 February 2015

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9780857891068

RRP: £7.99

6 March 2014

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782390282

Ellie Barton has spent her young life living in the dilapidated manor house with her elderly father. Her duty is to her aristocratic lineage, something of which she is often reminded by those few people around her. But Marlford, the local village founded by her grandfather, is in decay – subsidence from the old salt mines is destroying the buildings, the books in the memorial library are mouldering, and old loyalties and assumptions are shifting. When two idealistic young men decide to squat in the closed wing of the house, they show her a world much wider than Marlford, and Ellie begins to feel trapped beneath the unbearable weight of history and expectation.