Leading Mindfully

How to Focus on What Matters, Influence For Good, and Enjoy Leadership More

Amanda Sinclair

RRP: £14.99

2 March 2017

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781925267044

Simple practices of mindfulness can enhance our effectiveness and enjoyment in leadership work.

Leadership teacher and researcher Amanda Sinclair shows how mindfulness is helpful for all of us involved in the day-to-day of leadership, in those interactions in organisations, communities, schools and families where we are seeking to influence others towards positive outcomes.

Incorporating user-friendly summaries of the latest neuro-scientific and leadership research, Amanda invites us to experiment with twenty mindful practices. None of these activities take extra time or require us to withdraw to a mountain cave. They do help us find time for the people and purposes that matter most to us.

In a world where we regularly feel captured by a never ending ‘To Do’ list, expanding demands and depleted energies, Leading Mindfully provides a practical, simple and powerful path to leadership that is not only sustainable but full of delights and pleasures.