Kruger's Alp

Christopher Hope

RRP: £9.99

1 May 2009

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781848871632

RRP: £4.99

2 April 2015

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781782397359

Theodore Blanchaille is searching for the missing millions of the Boer leader Paul Kruger, and his lost city of gold. As a child he had heard tales of Kruger from a wayward priest; what follows is an astonishing journey that takes Blanchaille through a landscape peopled with spies, visionaries, terrorists, traitors, patriots and exiled presidents.

From huge transit camps on the veld to a notorious prison block, from a township in the bloody aftermath of ‘pacification’ to a secret travellers’ rest for fleeing pilgrims, and from the streets and cellars of Soho to paradise at last on a Swiss mountainside, Kruger’s Alp is a fantastical political satire of extraordinary invention.