Inside Private Equity

Bill Ferris

RRP: £20.00

2 May 2013

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781743315989

Bill Ferris has led the field in Australian venture capital and private equity for over forty years. He has seen his share of successful floats, fly-by-night wonders and companies gone wrong. In his bestselling Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained he took readers behind closed doors to explain how the industry works and share the lessons he learned along the way.

This book takes the story on into the world of private equity, with a wealth of stories on the successes and failures, deals that went right and deals that went wrong. There are priceless lessons for would-be investors and entrepreneurs in the insights the author can offer — how to raise funds, picking the right people, start-ups versus buyouts, IPO’s and trade sales — all lessons drawn from personal experience.

Along with numerous cases studies of successful, and not so successful, ventures Bill Ferris gives a detailed analysis of what makes a successful PE team, looks into the future of private equity and summarises the history of the industry from the 1970s.