House Blood

Mike Lawson

RRP: £4.99

6 September 2018

Published by Grove Press

ISBN: 9781611859287

Orson Mulray, CEO of Mulray Pharma, has discovered a drug that could prevent a previously incurable disease and make him billions of dollars. But the drug needs to be tested on humans to prove its efficacy, and Mulray needs more than blood samples – he needs autopsy results.

In naïve Lizzie Warwick, Mulray finds a solution. Warwick provides relief to victims of wars and natural disasters: in other words, people who’d make perfect test subjects. But Warwick’s D.C. lobbyist discovers what Mulray is doing. Mulray has the lobbyist killed and frames his partner, Brian Kincaid, for murder.

Two years later, Joe DeMarco is asked to look into the seemingly hopeless case. He has other worries on his mind: his girlfriend has left him, and his friend Emma may be dying. DeMarco doesn’t expect to free Kincaid – or become the target of two of the most callous killers he and Emma have ever encountered…