Head First

A Psychiatrist's Stories of Mind and Body

Alastair Santhouse

RRP: £16.99

1 July 2021

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781838950316

RRP: £9.99

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781838950330

What does it mean to be well? Is it something in our body? Or, is it rather something subjective – something of the mind? In this profound collection of clinical stories and meditations, eminent psychiatrist Dr Alastair Santhouse draws on his experience of treating thousands of hospital patients to show how our emotions are inextricably linked to our physical wellbeing.

Written with honesty, wisdom, compassion and humour, each chapter focuses on a fascinating case study that illustrates why our healthcare is too concerned with treating this or that organ, rather than the whole individual. From the man who induced his own comas to the individuals who give their kidneys to complete strangers, these stories explain in human terms some of our most prevalent and controversial medical issues. Wonderfully lyrical and frequently surprising, Head First will leave you with a deeper appreciation of what health is and how we interact with the world.