Freeman's Arrival

John Freeman Haruki Murakami

RRP: £10.99

15 October 2015

Published by Grove Press

ISBN: 9781611855418

RRP: £8.99

15 October 2015

Published by Grove Press

ISBN: 9781611859621

We live today in constant motion, travelling distances rapidly, small ones daily, arriving in new states. In this inaugural edition of Freeman’s, a new biannual of unpublished writing, former Granta editor and NBCC president John Freeman brings together the best new fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about that electrifying moment when we arrive.

Strange encounters abound. David Mitchell meets a ghost in Hiroshima Prefecture; Lydia Davis recounts her travels in the exotic territory of the Norwegian language; and in a Dave Eggers story, an elderly gentleman cannot remember why he brought a fork to a wedding.

End points often turn out to be new beginnings. Louise Erdrich visits a Native American cemetery that celebrates the next journey, and in a Haruki Murakami story, an ageing actor arrives back in his true self after performing a role, discovering he has changed, becoming a new person.

Featuring startling new fiction by Laura van den Berg, Helen Simpson, and Tahmima Anam, as well as stirring essays by Aleksandar Hemon, Barry Lopez, and Garnette Cadogan, Freeman’s announces the arrival of an essential map to the best new writing in the world.


A terrific anthology... Haruki Murakami, David Mitchell and a host of other lively writers let loose their imaginations in editor John Freeman's first outing with a new literary journal that is sure to become a classic in years to come.
San Francisco Chronicle

There's an illustrious new literary journal in town... [with] fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by new voices and literary heavyweights - Haruki Murakami, Lydia Davis, Louise Erdrich - alike.

Freeman's is very much like New York, a melting pot where folks can be themselves... The world has certainly arrived in the pages of Freeman's.
New York Observer

Freeman's is fresh, provocative, engrossing.

Freeman's sets a new standard for literary journals. It's a welcome addition to the ever-growing roster of publications out there today. It's refreshing and full of nuanced stories that will linger with you long after you finish them. I can't wait to see how this publication takes off.
Chicago Literati