Facts are Subversive

Political Writing from a Decade without a Name

Timothy Garton Ash

RRP: £25.00

1 March 2010

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781848870918

RRP: £8.99

1 June 2012

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9780857899101

‘Timothy Garton Ash holds a mirror that magnifies… He writes masterfully and with compassion’ – Neal Ascherson, Observer

For more than thirty years, Timothy Garton Ash has traveled among truth tellers and political charlatans to record, with scalpel-sharp precision, what he has found. Facts are Subversive, which collects his writings since the millennium, addresses some of the crucial questions of our time: what happens to people who have endured long dictatorships when they try to found a democratic state? How can freedom from tyranny be won? How are free expression, equality before the law and equal rights for men and women sustained in a society of different faiths and ethnicities?

This is history of the present on a scale by turns panoramic and human: urgent, exhilarating and necessary.