Essential Militaria

Nicholas Hobbes

RRP: £9.99

17 October 2003

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843542292

A riotous collection of military facts and figures. Includes such categories as ‘The Eight Wounds Sustained by Alexander the Great’ and ‘The Worst Reasons for Starting a War’.

Essential Militaria is an invaluable repository of information, facts and curiosities about warfare past and present.

It is the place to find the largest naval battles, the most decisive weaponry, the ranks of the US Army and some very fine speeches.

Essential Militaria is also home to animal bravery awards; the most significant special operations in history; Napoleon’s generals; and the eight wounds sustained by Alexander the Great.

Authoritative, unusual and irreverent, it is the indispensable companion for armchair generals everywhere.

Delicacies of War
1. Roast cat (tasted ‘like squirrel… delicious’)
2. Kittens in onion ragout (‘excellent’)
3. Donkey steaks (‘like mutton’)
4. Rat salami (‘something between frog and rabbit’)
5. Spaniel slices (‘by no means bad, something like lamb’)