Dream Baby Guide: Sleep

The Essential Guide to Sleep Management in Babies

Sheyne Rowley

RRP: £14.99

3 December 2015

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781742375885

Sheyne Rowley is known as Australia’s Baby Whisperer because of the highly successful integrated program she’s developed for helping parents assist their babies to be calm, content and happy.

One of the key – and most popular – aspects of Sheyne’s program is her guidance for parents teaching their baby to sleep. Regarding baby sleep, Sheyne says:

– Sleep disruption is a mirror image of imbalance during the day

– Identify your child’s individual sleep needs, which might be low, average or high.

– Understand associations (such as you being present when they go to bed) and how they impact on your child’s ability to get to sleep.

– Learn how to communicate with your baby so you can ask them to go to sleep rather than relying on pot luck.

The skills a baby needs regarding sleep include: learning to cope with being put into their cot awake, acceptance of parental guidance, the ability to cope with parents leaving the room before they go to sleep, learning to be comfortable in their own space, the ability to be still.

After years of working closely with thousands of families, Sheyne wrote her first book, Dream Baby Guide, which was long and comprehensive. This spin off book specifically focuses on sleep.