Daughter of Eden

Chris Beckett

RRP: £8.99

6 April 2017

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782392415

RRP: £16.99

6 October 2016

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782392392

RRP: £3.99

6 October 2016

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781782392408

Angie Redlantern is the first to spot the boats – five abreast with men in metal masks and spears standing proud, ready for the fight to come. As the people of New Earth declare war on the people of Mainground, a dangerous era has dawned for Eden. After generations of division and disagreement, the two populations of Eden have finally broken their tentative peace, giving way to bloodshed and slaughter. Angie must flee with her family across the pitch black of Snowy Dark to the place where it all started, the stone circle where the people from Earth first landed, where the story of Gela – the mother of them all – began.

It is there that Angie witnesses the most extraordinary event, one that will change the history of Eden forever. It will alter their future and re-shape their past. It is both a beginning and an ending.

It is the true story of Eden.