Clean Hands

Patrick Hoffman

RRP: £8.99

3 June 2021

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611854626

RRP: £10.00

6 August 2020

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611856408

RRP: £3.99

6 August 2020

Published by Grove Press UK

ISBN: 9781611858990

Corporate lawyer Elizabeth Carlyle is under pressure. Her prestigious New York law firm is working on a high-stakes case, defending a prominent bank accused of fraud. When Elizabeth gets the news that one of her junior associates has lost his phone – and the secret documents that were on it – she needs help. Badly.

Enter ex-CIA officer Valencia Walker, a high-priced fixer who gets called in when wealthy people, corporations and governments need their problems solved discreetly. But things get complicated when the missing phone is retrieved: somebody has already copied the documents and blackmail is underway.
Mysterious leaks to the press and an unlikely suicide further complicate the situation. With billions of dollars on the line, Elizabeth and Valencia must outmanoeuvre their tormentors, all the while keeping their hands clean.

From the corporate boardrooms of Manhattan to the city’s gritty outer boroughs, a sharply drawn cast of
characters – including dirty lawyers, black-market traders and Russian criminals – take part in this breakneck tour through New York. Authentic, tense and impossible to put down, Clean Hands shows a talented crime writer hitting his stride.