Breakfast Epiphanies

How We Planned Our Mixed-Faith Marriage and Stayed True to Ourselves

Sara Hulse

RRP: £7.99

9 February 2006

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843542469

The instant Sara and Toby met, they just knew that they were made for each other. But they soon discovered that they had very different ideas about how to get married. For Sara, God and Love were inseparable, but for Toby, God was definitely not on the guest list.

In this funny, poignant and utterly true memoir, Sara and Toby explain exactly how they overcame their painful (and occasionally farcical) differences. It is a journey that introduces them to priests, gurus and therapists of every kind, from all over the world. What they decide finally is as surprising as it is delightfully life-affirming.