Be More Bercow

RRP: £9.99

10 October 2019

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781838950262

Inspired by the wit and wisdom of the Right Honourable John Bercow MP, arguably the only MP to come out of Westminster’s handling of Brexit with a shred of dignity, Be More Bercow will help you declare orr-derrr in your life.

Every day we are faced with a multitude of polarized views: at home, at work and on social media. But how should we navigate these choppy and socially precarious waters? Who is going to put some order and structure to this crazy upside-down world we have found ourselves in? The answer is YOU!

Comprising witty quotes from the man himself (‘I don’t want to crawl over the entrails of past disputes’), fun self-improving activities (sort elements of your life into the ‘noes’ and ‘ayes’ lobbies, unlock and declare a winner) and inspiring stories from the Speaker (in 1996 to enable himself to attend selection meetings for two safe Conservative seats almost simultaneously, he chartered a helicopter and duly won the nomination for Buckingham).

Be More Bercow is the only companion you need for your journey through the Brexit process and beyond.