Barefoot Surgeon

The inspirational story of Dr Sanduk Ruit, the eye surgeon giving sight and hope to the world's poor

Ali Gripper

RRP: £14.99

1 August 2019

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781760292706

Inspiring and uplifting, this is the extraordinary story of Dr Sanduk Ruit who, like his mentor Fred Hollows, took on the world’s medical establishment to give the life-changing gift of sight to hundreds and thousands of the world’s poorest and most isolated people. It is the story of a boy from the lowest tiers of a rigid caste system who grew up in a tiny, remote Himalayan village with no school to become one of the most respected ophthalmologists in the world and a medical giant of Asia.

Compelling and compassionate, it is also the story of a young doctor who became Fred Hollows’ medical soul mate and who chose to defy the world’s medical establishment and the lure of riches to make the world a better place.

‘A true insight into my remarkable friend Dr Sanduk Ruit.’ – Gabi Hollows

‘He reminds me of Don Bradman. They both have a God-given talent and skill…’ – Ray Martin

‘If I’ve done one thing in life I’m proud of, it’s launching Ruit into the world’. – Fred Hollows

‘One of the greatest people I’ve ever met.’ – Joel Edgerton

‘I’ve known Dr Sanduk Ruit for over thirty years. He is one of our greatest living eye surgeons and humanitarians… Watching him give the gift of sight is like watching someone give a second life.’ – Richard Gere