William Shawcross

RRP: £8.99

21 August 2004

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843542582

Allies is an account of the Iraq crisis, its causes and consequences. Writing in persuasive prose… Shawcross lets the record speak for itself… With cogency and passion, Allies makes the case that this [anti-American] kind of prejudice is disgraceful in itself – a negation of reality and a potential threat to the west and to the whole world order.’ David Pryce-Jones, Sunday Telegraph

The U.S., Britain and their coalition partners took enormous risks in invading Iraq in March 2003. They risked one of the most successful alliances in history. They risked damaging both the United Nations and themselves. They risked a much bloodier war than that which eventually took place, and they risked creating a new swamp in which terrorists could actually breed and flourish. Allies is an analysis of the risks taken in Iraq, the reasons for them and the ways in which the challenge posed by Iraq was unlike anything faced by the post-war Western consensus.

Distinguished foreign correspondent William Shawcross shows why America had to take the lead, and why Britain – and many other countries – followed. It is required reading for everyone, regardless of political persuasion.

From the reviews:
‘A lucid and judicious analysis of the ways in which the challenge posed by Iraq was unlike anything previously faced by the postwar Western consensus.’ Ian McIntyre, The Times

‘Lucid and hugely readable… Allies is an articulate, informed presentation of the core relationship between George Bush and Tony Blair.’ Paul Rogers, Independent