All Along the Echo

Danny Denton

RRP: £14.99

7 April 2022

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781838955533

RRP: £8.99

7 April 2022

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781838955557

‘A boisterous chorus, brimming with humanity. All Along the Echo feels like a living thing, dancing and dodging, surprising and poignant.’ Lisa McInerney

Tony Cooney, a middle-aged radio talk-show host, takes a road trip across Ireland with his producer, Louise (Lou) Fitzpatrick, as part of a publicity stunt organized by a local car dealership. Their aim is to give away their Mazda C3 to one lucky winner, the catch being that it must go to one of the many emigrants who have recently returned home to escape a wave of escalating terror attacks in London. But as they navigate dual-carriageways and Holiday Inns, giving airtime and narrative to the great cacophony of voices calling into the show, the car competition transforms into a surreal quest – Tony to find his first love, Lou to find the answer of what she wants from life, the airwaves to capture and hold the full noise of human experience.