Against Her Nature

Elizabeth Buchan

RRP: £3.99

17 March 2022

Published by Corvus

ISBN: 9781838955441

Lose yourself in the captivating novels by bestselling author Elizabeth Buchan, perfect if you love Harriet Evans or Deborah Moggach.

Love, money and children… Life is a risk, however much we try to protect ourselves…

Unlike the Frants living their quiet ordered lives in the village of Appleford, Tess and Becky are of the generation that believes it can have everything. Highflyers in the high-octane world of London’s high-finance, they move through the opportunists, the short-termists, the sharks, the bullies and the very, very rich to face many choices, not least the one presented by biology: children.

As the different generations balance the challenges life throws at them, a tender and unexpected love story emerges alongside a journey to maturity in this bold and beautiful novel.

‘A modern day Vanity Fair … brilliantly done’ – Mail on Sunday