A Story of Seven Summers

Life in the Nuns' House

Hilary Burden

RRP: £12.99

2 May 2013

Published by Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781742376844

‘Looking back over seven summers, I know that who I am is where I am. It might not be the secret to life, but it is the secret to this life … I’ll tell you how that came to be and that will be the story of the Nuns’ House.’

From the outside, Hilary Burden was living a glamorous life – she was a busy, high-flying, globetrotting magazine journalist based in London, who thought nothing of flying to New York for a weekend, interviewing movie stars in luxury hotels or jetting off to Italy on assignment to hunt truffles with Curtis Stone. But inside, something was missing in her life and she didn’t know quite what it was.

Deciding that she wanted to make her own life, Hilary returned to Tasmania. She bought a ramshackle cottage – the Nuns’ House – with a sprawling, neglected garden, and gave herself the time and space to begin again. There was no particular kind of plan, but things just somehow worked. Now, seven summers later, she has a home, a garden, two alpacas (named Jack and Kerouac), two chooks (called Marilyn and Monroe), a purpose and a passion.

A beautiful, intimate and inspiring story of having the courage to step into the unknown.