44 Things

A Year of Writing Life at Home

Kirsty Gunn

RRP: £15.99

8 March 2007

Published by Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781843545521

A distinguished literary novelist celebrates marriage, friendship and motherhood in this rich and breathtakingly intimate treasury of stories, essays, poems and letters.

In 44 Things, Kirsty Gunn celebrates her home and her family. This bedside book is a mosaic of personal reflections written over the course of one year in moments stolen from the vibrant and chaotic world that inspired them. In these forty-four pieces – one for each year of her life – Kirsty Gunn shares her most cherished moments in a unique and inspiring work.

44 Things is a response to the life that goes on around me as I live and work with my family at home… Forty four pieces of different kinds of writing that have one thing in common – they are written by this woman, me, who lives at this time in her life fully and imaginatively sustained by what goes on in her domestic world.’ — Kirsty Gunn