Atlantic Books acquires ‘dazzlingly original’ guide to fandom in politics

27th January 2021

Atlantic Books has signed up Phoenix CS Andrews’ dazzlingly original I Heart Politics: Why Fandom Explains What’s Really Going On. Editor James Pulford acquired World English rights from Jaime Marshall at J. P. Marshall Literary Agency for publication in hardback, trade paperback and e-book in September 2022.

From Brexit rallies to the Capitol Hill Riot and QAnon to Extinction Rebellion, I Heart Politics argues that to understand what’s really happening behind the headlines we need to think about one overlooked phenomenon: fandom. Taking readers on an irresistible adventure from the ancient world to the present, I Heart Politics is a surprising response to the zeitgeist and a brilliant illustration of how, when it comes to many of the most important and polarising issues of our time, we’re much less rational creatures than we’d like to believe.

Phoenix CS Andrews is a writer and researcher, specialising in politics, fandom and internet cultures from conspiracy theories and radicalisation to TikTok and data privacy. Phoenix has written for The Times, Independent, Slate, New Statesman and Prospect and they have appeared on BBC Radio 4, the World Service and Times Radio.

Phoenix said, ‘I’m overjoyed to be signing with Atlantic. It felt like the whole team both got the book and me and I felt supported from the off. Our intense love/hate relationship with politics and politicians has a much longer and deeper history than most people imagine, and that’s what this book is all about.’

James Pulford said, ‘This is a totally new kind of politics book by a singular and unforgettable voice. We are thrilled to welcome Phoenix to Atlantic.’