A Reading List for Pride Month

15th June 2020

To help celebrate Pride Month, we’ve put together a reading list of our favourite LGBTQ+ literature, including prizewinning literary fiction, memoir and poetry.

Lot by Bryan Washington
Stories of a young man finding his place among family and community in Houston, from a powerful, emerging American voice.

A Tokyo Romance by Ian Buruma
Ian Buruma’s unflinching account of his journey into the heart of Tokyo’s underground culture as a young man in the 1970s.

Evolution by Eileen Myles
A searing new collection of Eileen Myles’ acclaimed poetry.

The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk by Randy Shilts
The definitive biography of Harvey Milk: an emotionally compelling story of the life and death of the first openly gay man to be elected to US political office


America Is Not the Heart by Elaine Castillo
A giant debut novel about the redemptive, restorative power of love; about trust and fear; hair and makeup; food and sex; it’s about belonging and…not belonging. It’s a soulful literary saga set in the early nineties of San Francisco; a coming-of-age about leaving home and, sometimes, the necessity of turning back.

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman
The sultry, sensual novel of obsession and desire that inspired the Oscar-winning major motion picture.

Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg
A ‘zingy romp’ (Guardian) and a ‘cunning metafiction’ (New Yorker), Confessions of the Fox is a salty, sweary tale of jailbreaks and queer love

The Ginger Child by Patrick Flanery
A raw and heart-wrenching literary memoir about a queer couple’s attempt to adopt a child.