Atlantic Books to publish ‘Apocalypse How?’ by Sir Oliver Letwin

31st August 2019

Atlantic Books is to publish a book on the risks of convergent technology by former Cabinet Minister Sir Oliver Letwin MP.

Editorial Director Mike Harpley acquired World Rights (including audio) from Toby Mundy at Toby Mundy Associates. Apocalypse How?: Technology and the Threat of Disaster will be published on 5 March 2020.

As technology governs ever more of our lives, we have become dependent on a complex network of interlinked systems. But what if a part of this network fails or is deliberately hacked? Former UK government minister Oliver Letwin looks ten years into the future and imagines just that. Reliant on the internet, automated electric cars, voice-over IP, GPS, and the internet of things, if the national grid collapsed, law and order would follow as multiple systems fell over like dominoes. Urgent and ingenious, this book asks how we can become more resilient to such black-swan events – and if we place too much faith in technology to always have the answers.

Sir Oliver Letwin is MP for West Dorset. He has been an academic at Cambridge and Princeton universities, an investment banker and a cabinet minister at the top of the UK government. He lives in West Dorset and London.

Mike Harpley comments:

‘Oliver is man of vast intelligence and experience. Under David Cameron, he was tasked with investigating the resilience of our infrastructure. He has been in room during top COBR crisis meetings and knows better than anyone about the threats to modern society. Half fictionalised parable and half prescient analysis, this highly original and gripping book reads like a thriller and is a vivid warning of what will happen if we don’t take threats to our infrastructure seriously.’