Atlantic partners with Ipsos for ‘The Perils of Perception’

19th October 2017

Atlantic Books has agreed a new corporate partnership with research giant Ipsos to produce a range of new titles exploring global beliefs and attitudes.

The first title in the series will be The Perils of Perception: Why We Get Nearly Everything Wrong by Bobby Duffy (publishing in hardback, September 2018).

The book examines why we misperceive basic facts about the world and is informed by the annual ‘Perils of Perception’ survey for Ipsos which has been carried out in over 40 countries since 2013. The project explores just how wrong we are about key social realities – from how healthy and happy we are, to the number of immigrants in our countries, to the rate of deaths by terrorism, to our financial plans.

Mike Harpley, Editorial Director for Non-Fiction, said:

“This is a significant deal for Atlantic and we are honoured to work with the team at Ipsos. We are committed to publishing a range of ground-breaking books that will change how we see the world. I am particularly excited about The Perils of Perception and I think it signals a bold new direction in the ‘smart-thinking’ genre. Bobby is a major talent and we have already received a great deal of interest in the international rights, particularly as Ipsos are eager to support foreign publications of the book in each respective territory with substantial resources.”

Duffy is the managing director of public affairs and global director of the Social Research Institute at Ipsos with offices in nearly 90 countries. He said:

“We’re delighted to be able to bring the study to even more people through our partnership with Atlantic. Some new, unseen examples of what we get wrong will be released to coincide with the book. This will be the first in a series of titles, using the unique insight available to Ipsos from gathering information of all types on how people think, feel and behave.”