Remembering Jim Harrison and Legends of the Fall

23rd March 2017

For the anniversary of Jim Harrison’s death, Grove Press are publishing his seminal collection of novellas, Legends of the Fall.

One of the giants of the last half-century of American letters, Jim Harrison was the author of 39 books of fiction, poetry and essays. His voice came from the American heartland and his deep and abiding love of the American landscape runs through his extraordinary body of work.

Legends of the Fall is Harrison at his most memorable: a striking collection of novellas written with exceptional brilliance and a ferocious love of life.

The title novella, ‘Legends of the Fall’ – which was made into the film of the same name – is an epic, moving tale of three brothers fighting for justice in a world gone mad. Moving from the raw landscape of early twentieth-century Montana to the blood-drenched European battlefields of World War I and back again to Montana, Harrison’s powerful story explores the theme of revenge and the actions to which people resort when their lives or goals are threatened, painting an unforgettable portrait of the twentieth-century man.

We are proud to publish this collection, which also includes the novellas ‘Revenge’ and ‘The Man Who Gave Up His Name,’ on the anniversary of the author’s death. Remembering Jim, Morgan Entrekin, Publisher and CEO of Grove Atlantic, said:

I met Jim in 1978 when I was working with the legendary publisher Sam Lawrence, who asked me to read the manuscript of a collection of novellas called Legends of the Fall which Delacorte Press went on to publish to great acclaim. After Sam’s death in 1994, Jim decided to come publish with Grove Atlantic. Over 22 years, we published and reissued 19 of his books. His unwavering support of this old-fashioned independent literary publisher was one of the reasons we have survived and thrived. America has lost one of its greatest writers, but those of us at Grove Atlantic have lost a member of our family… Jim is gone but his work will live on.

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