Treat yourself this Christmas Eve with Toni Jordan’s Our Tiny, Useless Hearts

21st December 2016

As an editor, I spend a large portion of my free time reading submissions. Because of this, whenever I am on holiday I carefully curate a reading list based purely on what I fancy immersing myself in at any given time and eschew my Kindle (very handy for work reading) for real books (they feel and smell so good!).

Which makes it even more remarkable that on Christmas Eve last year, I ignored my father and husband for hours – apart from when they were offering bottles in my direction – to read a manuscript on a small, grey device. I had been promised that I would love it and such was the conviction of the agent’s pitch that I decided to put off my treat of holiday reading for a little bit longer. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I did!

For Our Tiny, Useless Hearts by Toni Jordan is wonderful. It is funny and charming and acts as a soothing balm to whatever ails you. This time last year, it was a glorious treat to be made to laugh so much by someone so in control of her characters, plotting and timing. This year, whatever your politics and views on the divisive twelve months just gone, the gift of laughter seems even more precious.

Toni recently came in to our offices to talk about the novel and her inspiration for writing it. She said that at the time she had a lot of friends going through a hard time and she just wanted to write something to bring them some cheer. Not only did she do that, she has gifted many she doesn’t even know the lightness of laughter, something I think we should all spread and share all year but especially at this time.

So this Christmas Eve, treat yourself and let Toni Jordan bring you laughter and joy!