Raymond Tallis




Strikingly original... The Black Mirror succeeds in capturing the smallness and simultaneous vastness of a single life.
Financial Times

A tremendous, inspiring book... Raymond Tallis is one of the very few contemporary thinkers whom I would unequivocally call a geniusStuart Kelly
Scotland on Sunday

Original and enlightening... It is difficult to summarise what makes this book so appealing. It comes down, as all the best writing does, to the sensibility of the author. Tallis's is not only a wide and judicious sensibility but a funny, acute and modest one... WonderfulSalley Vickers

Full of striking, thoughtful insight, defamiliarising the everyday things we all take for granted.
New Scientist

Tallis writes wonderfully well, and has a relish for words... His style is genuinely entertaining
The Times Higher Education Supplement

It's work of philosophy that reads like a work of fiction... There isn't anything I don't love about this book
The Oldie

A strange, bold, and courageous bookJohn Gray
New Statesman

Dr Tallis has tried something new, something difficult, and he has brought to a strong intelligence and linguistic facility to bear on the task.
Wall Street Journal

Tallis is a surprisingly entertaining companion on his imaginary journey into the underworld

As he sifts a lifetime's worth of sensory and emotional memory, Tallis's prose stuns like poetry... Enchanting

Fascinating... A wonderful treasury of stupefying facts, a sort of 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' compendium of the extra-ordinary processes that go on inside our fragile skulls... This is a wonderful book, full of passages to make the reader stop and stare, if only in the mirror.Michael Simkins
Mail on Sunday

A sparkling tour of our senses and the way in which we are embodied... [It] makes the world seem a more interesting place and life that much more important.Nicholas Fearn