Philipp Blom

Philipp Blom was born in Hamburg in 1970. After some years in Vienna, he moved to Oxford where he obtained a PhD in Jewish philosophy. He has worked in publishing and as a journalist and translator in both London and Paris. He lives in Vienna with his wife Veronica Buckley.



An enthralling masterpiece, epic in scale and human in detail... Blom is a masterly storyteller, with a taste for atmosphere and drama, continually finding new angles, details and juxtapositions... TremendousAlwyn W. Turner
Daily Telegraph

Vivid as its individual parts are, Fracture succeeds in being more than a gathering of illuminating details... He makes a strong case and makes it elegantly. Like other good popular histories, Fracture will make the uninitiated think, and the initiated think twice.Kevin Jackson
Literary Review

Blom delivers an orderly sense of the maelstrom of incidents and ideas with panache.
Financial Times

[An] eminently readable tome full of splendid anecdotal detail. Mr. Blom's ability to convey a mood and to synthesize complex issues, is admirable... Anyone reading this book today in the context of our own culture of doubt will feel an immediate affinity to the anxious and even desperate celebration of life that it portrays
Wall Street Journal

A fluent, often entertaining account of the period
New York Times

[A] thoughtful portrait of the interwar years... this well-written account brings a refreshing clarity to such uncertain times.
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A book to be absorbed, marveled at and admired for the wide range of research linking events and thoughts.
Kirkus Reviews