Peter Cozzens

Peter Cozzens is the author or editor of sixteen acclaimed books on the American Civil War and the Indian Wars of the American West, and a member of the Advisory Council of the Lincoln Prize. In 2002 he was awarded the American Foreign Service Association's highest honour, the William R. Rivkin Award, given annually to one Foreign Service Officer for exemplary moral courage, integrity and creative dissent.



Extraordinary... Cozzens has stripped the myth from these stories, but he is such a superb writer that what remains is exquisite. Few writers possess the descriptive talent that the immensity of the American west demands.Gerard DeGroot
The Times

Cozzens does an exceptional job of examining the viewpoints of both sides, making heavy use of previously untapped primary sources... This is a timely and thorough book, presenting the story without hyperbole or histrionics of this controversial chapter in American history, providing an excellent one-volume history of America's actual longest and most tragic war.Jerry Lenaburg
New York Journal of Books

A detailed recounting of random carnage, bodies burned, treaties broken and treachery let loose across the land... Cozzens admirably succeeds in framing the Indian Wars with acute historical accuracyDouglas Brinkley
New York Times Book Review

Treachery on such an epic scale can bear many retellings, and this account stands out for its impressive detail and scope.Priyanka Kumar
Washington Post

Magnificent... This is a beautifully written work of understanding and compassion that will be a treasure for both general readers and specialists.Jay Freeman
Booklist (Starred review)

Peter Cozzens, one of our finest working historians, has taken on a massive chunk of Native American history and delivered it with power, style, and insight. He is above all a great storyteller. I have never read better, more concise, or more entertaining versions of the Little Bighorn story, Geronimo's wild run to glory, the Ute War, or Captain Jack's rebellion in the northwest. There is much wisdom here, and much good writing.S.C. Gwynne, author of EMPIRE OF THE SUMMER MOON

I've been waiting for an up-to-date, objective, and well-researched book on the Indian Wars, and Peter Cozzens' The Earth Is Weeping is all that and more - an elegantly written narrative of one of the great sagas in American history, and better than Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.James Donovan, author of A TERRIBLE GLORY

Peter Cozzens reminds us that tragedy, not melodrama, best characterizes the struggles for the American West...The Earth Is Weeping is the most lucid and reliable history of the Indian Wars in recent memory.Victor Davis Hanson, author of CARNAGE AND CULTURE

In sobering detail, Peter Cozzens has chronicled this dark chapter in our history.James M. McPherson, author of BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM

For 25 years the United States Army and the native peoples of the West struggled for their destiny, and the region's, an oft-told story more tragic with each retelling. Peter Cozzens' The Earth is Weeping provides all that, and adds a missing perspective on the lives of ordinary people on both sides.William C. Davis, author of THREE ROADS TO THE ALAMO

Peter Cozzens's sweeping, expert and appalling account of the murder of America's Indians.

Peter Cozzens is an erudite storyteller and meticulous in his approach to documenting the west
BBC History Magazine

No one knows more about this period than Peter Cozzens... The Earth is Weeping demands to be read
Glasgow Sunday Herald