Ozzy Man

Ozzy Man Reviews started a cheeky YouTube channel and Facebook page in April of 2014. He remembers it like it was yesterday. He had no long-term goals, no savings, no girlfriend, and no proper direction in life overall. He was so incredibly hopeless he didn't even cook his 2-minute noodles. He would eat them dry with the beef or chicken or shrimp flavouring sprinkled on top (this gourmet meal is best served with a tawny port or beer). He would defend the dry noodle dish as being a legitimately tasty cuisine when family or friends voiced concern over its consumption, which they linked to his mental well-being.

Ozzy Man was also a mature aged student at Curtin University in Perth during 2014. He eventually graduated with a master's degree in Internet Communications. He still has no long-term goals, but he does have some savings and a wife now.