Matt Rees

Matt Rees was born in South Wales. He has covered the Middle East as a journalist for a decade, including six years as Time magazine's Jerusalem bureau chief. He is author of the non-fiction work Cain's Field: Faith, Fratricide, and Fear in the Middle East. Atlantic Books published The Bethlehem Murders in 2007. Matt Rees's website is: www.mattbeynonrees.com.


Indispensable... Rees not only provides a classic investigation into a terrible crime, he paints a picture of life in this hell-hole, with Palestinian gangs warring with each other while the Israeli presence looms...First-rate crime.

Rees captures the touching undercurrent of existence in the direst circumstances... A rare crime novel.

Provocative... Rees adopts a humanist perspective, keeping the military maneuvers in the background and focusing on ordinary people struggling to live ordinary lives... He takes Omar Yussef into every nook and cranny of this ancient city, from the tunnels of the old souk to the mansions on Mount Jerizim built by the ruling elite.
New York Times