Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden is the author of seven books, including Killing Pablo, Black Hawk Down and Guests of the Ayatollah. He was a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer for twenty years and now writes for Vanity Fair, The Atlantic and other magazines. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA.


Mark Bowden comes to this story with impressive credentials... How the Americans finally got their man is an extraordinary tale and Bowden does it justice.
The Guardian

If Bowden's book is breathless at times in detailing how the hunt for Bin Laden finally unfolded, he does not dodge the more difficult issues... Above all, Bowden provides a compelling insight into Obama's considerations in ordering such missions.

A gripping book about a gripping operation... So rich with detail I didn't know.Richard Bacon
Richard Bacon Afternoon Show

One of the most gripping and authoritative accounts of combat ever written.
USA Today on Black Hawk Down

The book is a mighty piece of work, and as fine an account of a battle as you will likely read. Hell, I wish I had written it.
The Times

Meticulously analytical... excellent... gives us the clearest picture yet of what happened in Vietnam
USA Today

Hue 1968 is a meticulous and vivid retelling of an important battle.
New York Times

An extraordinary feat of journalism... To understand what it is to be human, you must understand war, which is unique to our species. In Hue 1968, we read about humanity placed in a crucible, out of which comes both refined steel and slag. Here the best and worst of human behaviour is exposed in glaring light.Karl Marlantes
Wall Street Journal

Hue 1968 will tell you all you need to know about the most deadly urban fighting involving US troops in Vietnam...a heck of a story - and, depending on your perspective - a disturbing one... the bulk of the evidence in his book comes from interviews with eyewitnesses. The pains he took to amass this material are truly remarkable, and he is to be congratulated for including all sides in his sweep.
Times Literary Supplement

Bowden tells this story with a power and a wealth of detail that no previous history of this offensive has approached - this is another instantly-recognizable classic of military history.
Christian Science Monitor

Hue 1968 is, by far, the most comprehensive (and balanced) coverage on this battle I've seen.Brigadier General Mike Downs, USMC (ret.)

Hue 1968 unravels one of the great mysteries of our time... Did the Battle of Hue end up as a victory or defeat? The answer depends on who's asking and who's telling. Bowden takes on both roles and does it well.Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Krohn (ret.), author of THE LOST BATTALION OF TET

This book is a tragic tale of misunderstanding but also one of great heroism and sacrifice by those who fought in the streets of Hue and in the nearby rice paddies and villages.Brigadier General Howard T. Prince II, USMC (ret.), Commanding Officer, Bravo Company, 5/7 Cavalry, 1968

There is no more complete, accurate and detailed book. It reads like a novel even though is it made up almost exclusively of very personal accounts.John Wear, president of the USMC Vietnam Tankers Association

Even simplified for the lay reader, the elegance and audacity of the sparring between Conficker's still unknown creators and the "white hats" who set out to thwart them is gripping. But more than that, it tells us something scary about how vulnerable the internet is, and something rather encouraging about how ingeniously and selflessly people can cooperate in its defence.

One of the more reader-friendly examples of recent tech journalism
Scottish Sunday Herald

As a writer, Mark Bowden scans the horizon then points to a distant danger the rest of the world cannot yet see... he unscrews the backs of our computers and takes us on a guided tour of the internet where he reveals the chilling extent of its vulnerability.
Scotland on Sunday